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        New Life Groups

            •Prayer/Bible Study
            •Legal Support
            •Teen Support
            •Fathers Support
            •Coping with Addictive

    Enhancement Classes
            • Faith Based Parenting
    Coming Soon
            •Domestic Violence Class
            •Anger Management
            •Financial workshops
            •Drug and Alcohol

Home Study and Preparation

Your Consultant will help make sure you are well prepared to interview with your home study professional as well as making sure your home is ready to go through the interview process.
The study will look at parenting methods, existing family relationships, educational opportunities available to the child, health and other elements necessary to determine the recommendations to the court.

Through counseling services and self actualization plans, Child Custody Solutions, Inc. sets goals to enhance, support, and empower parents to identify the unhealthy behaviors and to shift the emphasis on how to better meet the needs of the child. Through an action plan, step-by-step actions are addressed over time to encourage healthy development for both parents and children. Child Custody Solutions, Inc. has built a strong collaboration with professionals to keep an ongoing dialogue with one another for the best and most efficient outcome possible, on behalf of the parent.

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Let us be your Consultant and save you money in legal fees.

We offer Consulting in DWI, DUI, Personal Injury, Auto Accidents, Wills, Tickets, Child Support, Divorce, Establishing Custody, Grandparents Rights, Notary Services, and more.

Our Story:

When little Juan (JAE) was 6 years old and we were newly married, the custodial parent would not allow visitations.We would travel 3 hours to pick him up only to be told “he didn’t want to go with us.”  After some time of sending certified letters of Intent to Visit and still not able to visit with his son, We couldn’t figure out why the bio mom wouldn’t allow visits.   It then became clear that she was hiding information from us and didn’t want us to know.  Juan and I decided it was time for legal advice. 

After interviewing the first attorney, we were told we needed$10,000 in retainer to hire him and an investigator. We were told we had a strong chance of asking for primary custody.  We were in no position to pay $10,000, so we continued interviewing.  We finally found a wonderful Christian Attorney who would let us pay $3500.00 retainer and monthly payments on the balance.   We were advised to build our case.  As we began this
journey, we quickly discovered there was no help out there for
guiding us on how to build the case or how
the court system works.

  We did not know a court order could be customized.  All we knew was that there was one standard order. As time moved on, we found out you could “ask” the court for just about anything as long as you could prove why it was in the best interest of the child. Upon the first court appearance, the parties were led into a room for the parties to talk before going into the courtroom.  Because we had been diligent in our preparation and had obtained solid and credible evidence, the parties settled on Juan taking immediate primary custody.   We went on about 5 years in and out of court dates.
We hope to continue helping as we continue to grow in our knowledge and with God’s continued guidance.This is only a little part of our story, but more importantly WHY we feel the need to help other families simplify the process and help reduce the stress off families.  Going through the court process for 5 years both financially and emotionally drained us.  If we can help you, `please do not hesitate to contact us.

 God Bless,

Juan and Connie Elizondo, Jr.


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