Notary Services

Child Custody Solutions, Inc. offers notary services to help expedite your case and be well prepared for your attorney or CPS case.

At Home Study

We will help make sure you are well prepared to interview with your home study professional as well as making sure your home is ready to go through the interview process.

The study will look at parenting methods, existing family relationships, educational opportunities available to the child, health and other elements necessary to determine the recommendations to the court.

Child Custody Solutions, Inc. have the resources available through collaborative partnerships to develop an action plan on how to resolve issues in a highly effective and timely manner, while preventing the case from moving into the next level.

Let us be your Consultant and save you money in legal fees.

We offer Consulting in DWI, DUI, Personal Injury, Auto Accidents, Wills, Tickets, Child Support, Divorce, Establishing Custody, Grandparents Rights, Notary Services, and more.
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